Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Little Slugger

This is serious business, baseball. Got to have the right equipment, affixed just so.

As you can see here, the good Cap'n Quinn is meticulous in his dress. Though he typically doesn't care to wear his ball cap, he's particular about his batting gloves. Exactly why, I'm not sure. Perhaps, like his father, he's becoming keen to the ritual of it all.

After all, if they were available in his size at a reasonable cost, Quinn would be decked out Old School style in high stirrups. Alas, all the sporting goods stores had were white socks with faux-stripes colored on. We're not fakers here. We strive for authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, check out the kid's swing, eh? Thing of beauty. Joe Mauer, he of big paycheck and crippled body, could take a few lessons.

For a clinic of your own, check out the progression of the Siemers family's latest gifted slugger. As you can see in his first few games, he struggled to find his way to first. But by his latest game today, several weeks into the season, he's no longer hitting off the tee.

Now all we have to do is get him more interested in fielding the ball than digging for worms.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Lesson in Manners

Recently heard in the front seat from the rear seat of the car.

Quinn: Keaton what do you say when I toot?

Keaton: Toot

Quinn: Nooooo! What do you say when I toot?

Keaton: Toot

Quinn: (laughing) Noooo bud, what do you say when I toot?

Keaton: Toot

Obviously you get the idea of where this line of questioning went, no where! And I was busting a gut in the front seat. Because Quinn was trying to get "Excuse me" out of his little brother and it just wasn't happening. If nothing else, Quinn has taught his brother one thing, all the wrong things to say.

On any given day during a car ride we may hear Quinn in the back seat instructing his brother to say "poop" "pee" and "toot" and his little parrot has learned to mimic him perfectly. Thank goodness the only time we hear any of the words repeated is when Keaton has a "toot."

We Have a Rooster

Unfortunately for us he lives down the hall and not outside. It seems this sweet little rooster has decided instead of going back to sleep like he used to much to my happiness at 6 whatever in the morning, that now when he rouses he chooses to shout out...."MA! MA!...MAMA! MA!" You pretty much get the idea.

He might stop for a few brief seconds to see if anyone is going to respond before starting up again because he knows this tactic so far has worked to his advantage. Sometimes it has gotten sleepy mommy to come in and tell him to go back to sleep, sometimes it has gotten daddy to come get him out of bed, but it always gets someone to come in and see him.

I'm is just wondering if this is the moniker (MA) that Keaton will choose to call me. It seems that is what he has chosen to get my attention for the moment, like when he's done with his yogurt and he wants the cup taken. Ma, Ma, MA MA! Only as the years go on will it graduate to "Hey Ma, can you wash my basketball, baseball, football gear?"

I think I like the ring of that.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Batting leadoff, and playing first base ....

Before you ask, no, that isn't a young Kent Hrbek.

Kent Hrbek was a lefty.

What you see here, this young phenomenon, is a kid by the name of Quinn Siemers. Bats right (from a tee), throws right (and left, and straight, and over your head, and sometimes nowhere near you), and knows how to use a glove (to catch with, of course, except when he doesn't).

He wears the No. 1 and bats lead-off on an up-and-coming outfit called the Mariners. With their first game just a week away, they have ambitious plans to bring home the hardware this t-ball season, so long as it means getting ice cream afterward.

Quinn's first organized sports experience has been enjoyable so far. He's easily the youngest on his team, and his attention span is often lacking, but he seems to be enjoying playing with new friends.

He's not bad with a glove or a bat and seems to enjoy figuring things out. He was so enthralled by catching the ball with one hand that he wouldn't stop throwing the ball in the air and trying to catch it. The other kid waiting for him to throw it back, however, wasn't so excited.

Keaton sees all the kids playing ball and wants to join in, too. They unfortunately don't have organized baseball for kids under 2, so he'll have to wait his turn. In the mean time, he enjoys playing "bakkatball" in the front yard and, as you can see below, rocking out on the guitar.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mom's Obsession

Hel-lo Gorgeous

Ever have one of those moments where you are in a store and you hear the angels on high sing Hallelujah? It doesn't happen often here for me. Sure I see alot of things I like, but not alot of things I'm ready to drop everything and run to the register and pay anything for and not wait for a sale, you get me here? Today was one of those moments. I saw this here ginormous, and I mean, larger than life diaper bag and I was hooked. I don't even need a diaper bag anymore! But what I do need is a bag that I can still carry the occasional diaper, snack, drink, distractional item, AND all my junk too.

This bag is a Petunia Pickle Bottom Weekender bag, and weekender bag it is. I can actually carry Keaton IN this bag I think if I wanted too, you know ala, small doggy style. Although I don't think I will. If you must know I do have a tiny obsession with diaper bags. I never really owned that many, like some with diaper bag obsessions, but I was always on the search for a good one, and it always seemed like I found one when I didn't need one, kinda like now. But today I saw it, and I didn't care, this bag was going home with me no.matter.what!

So I will stuff stuff stuff away and see just how full I can pack this thing, it's got pockets and hiding places galore, hopefully I won't lose Keaton in it. I'm in love! Thank you PPB for making gorgeous bags, you can stop now, because I can't afford my obsession with these bags.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A New Love (ie)

Meet Puppy

He's here to be a pal to Beh as Keaton calls him or Bear as we all know him, until such a time as bear falls apart (which, from the looks of it, may happen pretty soon with all the loving going on).

Bear was never meant to be the long lasting lovie. I was sure this time around I was going to do it right and have two of the same lovie, so when one had had it's day in the sun and needed to be retired, we would have a brand new back up! But nevertheless, somehow this blue bear became his favorite and I still don't know how it happened. But every night he tucks Beh under his arm and drifts off to sleep. Now every morning he wants to bring him downstairs for breakfast too, and lunch and dinner. So Beh is going through the ringer and showing signs of his masters love of pizza and waffles with syrup.

So Beh is going to have to show Puppy the ropes around here and maybe these two can be pals and one won't have to go away and they both can hang about, just like Quinn has his two favorite blankies. But if Beh should happen to just become too rough around the edges, hopefully Puppy will be there to pick up the pieces and fill in as the new blue love.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas fever!

Here we sat on Monday, ready to go bowling at Daddy's company Christmas party, when the Grinch came in and stole our fun.

He arrived just after Quinn's nap in the form of a 103.8-degree fever, causing one miserable and slightly nauseous little boy.

But this truly is a tale of Seuss-ian proportions.

That 'ol Grinch was vanquished not long after Quinn hit the sack. He woke the next morning a brand new boy, ready not only for school but his first-ever Christmas concert.

It was a virtuoso performance by the Happy Hearts preschool of Aloha, Ore., with Quinn singing loud, ringing his bell, and stroking his faux Santa beard on command in front of a standing-room-only crowd.

Their reward was a visit from the big man himself, all the way from the North Pole -- a cameo appearance we've captured here for you on videotape.

Enjoy it, along with the marvelous singing.

Even the Grinch cracked a smile.